Engineering Design

We carry out detailed surveys from client, end user and site. To design Solar System that is high efficiency, reliable and cost saving that support your energy needs.



We source and procure all equipment and materials necessary. We work closely with our suppliers and have located employees globally ensuring we provide you the best products.



We ensure all work is carried out safely and competently. We deliver each project on time and on budget offering total maintenance packages suited to your preference.



Starting from cleaning till maintaining every singe component we installed.


Monitoring/System Management

AK Solar Smart enables you to monitor overall the household’s electricity consumption and individually the electricity consumption of a key household items.



AK Solar includes a 25-year warranty for solar panels, a standard 10-year warranty for inverters and a standard 5-year warranty for batteries and charge controllers.

You can opt to extend your warranty using our AK warranty packages:

  • 1 year contract.
  • 5 years contract
  • 10 years contract