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Solution When You Need It

AK Solar Solutions experienced Engineers and Surveyors will carry out detailed site surveys to enable us to design a tailor made Solar System that supports your energy saving needs. A properly designed System will maximize production and require less maintenance, last longer, and improve ROI.


Why We Are The Best

AK Solar Solutions source and procure all equipment and materials necessary. We work closely with our suppliers and have located employees globally ensuring we provide you the best products. We will always specify the most appropriate, quality components for your System. Your return on investment is our top priority.


Every Project, For You

AK Solar Solutions takes pride in each project it completes with a team of experienced engineers and technicians. We ensure all work is carried out safely and competently. We deliver each project on time and on budget offering total maintenance packages suited to your preference.

Why Us

Experience To Trust

At AK Solar, we build great relationships. We work with you from the ground up to achieve the most innovative solutions for your energy needs.

Modern Business

AK Solar implements cost-effective solutions for the world solar energy market.

Best Technology

We believe in a world powered by solar energy. For this to take place, solar equipment must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible.

Welcome To AK Solar

At AK Solar we are experts in renewable energy solutions. We specialize in the provision, installation and maintenance of Commercial and Residential Solar Solutions. We have worked with a whole range of businesses and organizations, helping them make the most of the financial and environmental investment opportunities that renewable technologies offer.


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